Full Awareness of the Body

Please for a moment, stop meditating.

Please stop trying to do something called meditation.

Meditation is simply a word that describes a process

of coming home to our minds and bodies

and knowing them intimately.

In knowing how to work skillfully with our body minds

to facilitate peace, happiness, well being, wisdom compassion.

But it begins right here,

that which is hearing these words.

This is your mind please notice that.

That which is hearing these words is your mind.

That which is aware of your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions,

your stories, your melodramas, your memories, this is your mind.

So please take a moment and just relax.

Relax your body mind.

A relaxed mind is not mulling over ruminating about past events.

It is not thinking about future events, planning, fantasizing.

It is not thinking about what is going on right now.

What you want to wake up within you is this capacity just to be present, alert, wakeful, mindful of the present.

We want to cultivate this mind of awareness.

When you hear me right now your mind naturally, easily is present.

But it is due to our habit energy of distraction that we find it difficult to remain wakeful, present

So we need something to do with our mind.

It needs a place to rest and needs a place to be anchored.

So the earliest teachings of the Buddha was to

come home and notice our bodies and our breath

They are always here with us.

In the meditation hall, at home, at work.

So please, bring your awareness into your body.

Come down making sure that you are in your body.

Not just your head and your neck,

but your shoulders and your trunk and your legs.

And you feel the cushion, the mat, the chair, the floor supporting you.

Relax your awareness into your body.

So you are in your body, not outside looking at it, but in it.

Breathing in, I am aware of my body.

Breathing out, I relax. I calm my body.

And see if you can just maintain this awareness of body.

Of the whole body, of the whole experience of being a body from the inside.

That is the practice of the full awareness of the body.

That is the ground.

Do not be bothered by thoughts they just come and go.

Just let them come and go.

Don’t try to manipulate, repress, or try to be interested or entranced.

Put your intention in your body and let thoughts come and go.

If you momentarily get distracted,

as soon as you notice that you are mindful again, you are mindful of that.

So just relax, let go, come back to your body.

And then notice that your body is breathing.

So as you breath in and out, you are aware

that your body is breathing in and out.

And again as something that you are experiencing.

That you are aware of.

So when you take an in breath, you know you are taking an in breath.

And when you are taking an out breath, you know you are taking an out breath.

You are present.

And again, the mind is alert, present, focused like that.

And again, don’t be disturbed by thoughts.

Learn to just let them go,

Let them come and go, come and go.

Be relaxed with your thoughts.

And put your energy intention into your mindfulness of your breathing.

And again, if you get distracted momentarily,

as soon as you notice that, no need for incrimination or comment

just relax and begin again.

March 22nd 2014